Nothing beats having a real conversation with a prospect. Quickzie helps you to turn conversations into sales. It’s a pre-CRM cold calling cloud application.

  • Say good bye to Confusing navigation, forgotten followups, and ultimately lost sales

  • Stop letting opportunity fall through the cracks. Get all of your data and communication organized in one place that’s accessible from anywhere.

  • Get ready to grow your business with our simple, powerful, all-in-one call and prospect management system.

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Cold calling software made easy

If you’re not using Quickzie, you could be making life way harder than it needs to be. Why would you risk your sales, the lifeblood of your business, on a lead management tool that’s cumbersome and doesn’t provide an easy interface?

  • Dedicated cold calling software

    Quickzie is focused on one thing only: cold calling. We care about perfecting your cold calling process.

  • A new take on lead tracking software

    Quickzie is a fresh new take on how software for cold calling campaigns should be done. Its intuitive interface and crisp language brings a smile to your face.

Lead management so easy you'll love it

Build stronger relationships with contacts and leads. With Quickzie, you can nurture your contacts more proactively and qualify leads faster. You’ll become more effective right away and improve as you go.

  • Import your leads

    You can import new leads directly in Lead section. To import leads, simply press “Import” button and follow instructions. Leads can also be imported from excel.

  • Design your own sales funnel

    Quickzie lets you easily move leads between different lists and states.

Quickzie Features

Features that make your cold calling easy and efficient

Everything in one view

Our sales dashboard gives a visual overview of your sales data divided into three categories: business profile, follow up and on deck list area.

Email templates

Quickzie allows you to quickly send out emails to leads and prospects with inbuilt email template feature.


Easily edit a lead while talking. Stay on the same screen and keep your draft comments while editing. It has never been easier to maintain data as you call through the list.

Intelligent Followups

Your leads will queue up intelligently in call back tab, letting you focus on one at a time. Choose when to call a lead back and let Quickzie schedule for you

Easy import and export

We'll categorize your information and let you configure your list in a snap. Take your data back to your CRM or deliver to a client or import a new list of leads.

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